How Cancer Evolves

By Laura Patrina


Welcome  to the world of cells where we wage the war against cancer. 


Rather than list the naturopath anti-cancer actions as a random long list, in the Online Video Program, my husband Joe linked each naturopathic step to its relevant phase within the cancer development cycle.


For example: Is the action designed to prevent cancer … to kill cancer … or to keep cancer from spreading? And so, besides wanting you to know why a naturopathic action works, we wanted you to know where the action sat within the cycle.

An antibody trying to match up with a virus.

An antibody trying to match up with a virus.

To create points of reference, Joe boiled the progression of cancer down into eight phases. These show cancer starting with healthy cells,  presenting how cells become weakened, how cancer forms, how cancer grows and finally, how cancer metastasizes.

The cell drawings are available in the Online Video Program’s PDF library. 


The sketches show eight phases of cancer development, starting with a healthy cell in phase 1 and ending with a metastasized cell in phase 8. The key is to understand how cancer progresses, and in finding as many natural countermeasures as possible to impede and destroy cancer each step of the way.


Let’s take them one at a time, starting with a young, healthy cell.

Phase 1 - Healthy Cells

As background, be aware that cells are covered with appendages called receptors. Each receptor is designed to latch onto incoming supplies – like food, oxygen & hormonal signals – and to escort the material into the cell’s interior for processing. 


Think of receptors as the cell’s shipping and receiving department.


Your body has as many as 100 trillion cells, and healthy cells enjoy a constant flow of materials entering and leaving the receptors at all hours of the day and night. Quite an operation!